The EASY heat sink has in fact been optimized to dissipate the greatest amount of power at the lowest weight. It is the technology used for aluminium processing that makes the difference: cold pressing instead of extrusion or die casting.

For this reason, the EASY heat sink weighs significantly less than the traditional extruded aluminium products but also less than the PIN FIN and die-cast ones. This difference, which is clear from a simple and direct comparison of the weight, translates into a much lower CO2 emission when using the EASY heat sinks compared to the traditional devices available on the market.

This benefit is not only related to the production phase, but is further enhanced considering the CO2 saved while transporting the lamps, whose weight mainly depends on the heat sink!!!

With the same power to be dissipated and the same price, it is time to CHOOSE YOU SIDE.

Easy products fall within the power band up to 11.7 W (with ΔT 40 °C) while maintaining compact sizes. Built out of pure aluminum through cold deformation technology, the product is particularly advantageous in terms of costs and efficiency, greatly increasing light performances and LEDs durability. Due to its dimensions, lamps of 45 mm and 50 mm diameter are easy-to-install. Their design is catching and the range of products is available in different anodising colors.

15 Watt Easy led heat sink
15 Watt Easy led heat sink

* Electrical power in watt (LED efficiency 30%)  |  ** Available in heights 40 mm and 30 mm

15 Watt Easy led heat sink

Application example

The information provided by F.lli Poli is accurate and reliable. However any potential application requires a specific analysis since it can be unlike as to environment, air flow and product orientation.